About Us
A very brief history...
Established in 2014 - Reopened on June 1st, 2016

Originally built as one of Stanford's general merchantile/grocery stores, the building was then briefly occupied by the Stanford Church of God and later became McReynolds Funeral Home.  After McReynolds Beck Funeral Home closed its doors, it became The Last Stop Bar & Grill and then transitioned into Tweaker's.  Now the Stanford Pour House LLC has committed itself to the preservation of Stanford's history.  The walls and decor tell a story of our local and national history, from vintage photos and newspapers to the original Bloomington YMCA boxing ringside bell and Stanford memorabilia.  You may even notice a few special touches of British flair here and there, both reflecting one of our owner's own heritage and giving the Stanford Pour House the family "pub" feel we're sure you'll love!